Thursday, June 20, 2019

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Eyecon®: Visual Precision Counting

Eyecon® is the latest technology in prescription dispensing automation. Machine vision technology provides unparalleled speed by counting dispensed medication in less than 200ms.

While faster prescription filling is a tangible benefit of the Eyecon, the value obtained with 99.99% count accuracy provides a real return on investment. Customers receive the correct quantity of medication so your pharmacy virtually eliminates inventory shrinkage due to over-fills. Improved customer satisfaction is realized by never short filling a prescription. A vision based system will identify foreign substances or broken pills on the counting platter. The visual open design of the Eyecon assures medication is always in view and provides fast and efficient cleaning. Cross contamination of penicillin and sulfa based drugs are prevented with designated color coded counting platters stored under the Eyecon.

Eyecon® Endorsements